Man in Blue desert wildflowers

Fog and Verbena desert wildflowers

Mystic Mountains desert wildflowers

feral flowers
california's endangered landscapes
feral - "of the wild, from the wilderness"

Award winning fine art photographer Richard Dickey's rare landscape portfolio is a twenty-eight years documentation of the California desert phenomenon known as "carpet blooms", the surreal display of flowers on a scale and magnitude unseen anywhere else on Earth. A Force of Nature born from an extreme land of mountains, deserts, fault lines and sporadic seasonal rains, a unique biodiversity hotspot listed by UNESCO and Conservation International as endangered.

Most of these landscape vistas so revered by Native Americans and documented by early Californian Explorers have only appeared once in decades of photographing them. Many seasons the inconstant flowers appear in different locations, even after winters of copious rain there may be none at all. Incredible landscape vistas of mountains and valleys painted with wildflowers appear like a mirage on the desert. A fleeting vision of Eden made real in the world for only a blink of time, a few days or a few weeks, perhaps never to reappear in our lifetimes, as the wildflower seeds lay dormant for decades.

Arguably one of the most sublime wonders of the planet and the most ephemeral in nature, these botanical treasures are threatened by urban expansion, non-native plants, agriculture, pollution and road construction.

Photographed using Fuji GX617 panorama and Canon 35 mm cameras, high-resolution landscape photographs are captured of the magical moment when flowers in the wilderness become the landscape, when the aggregate of details becomes the bigger picture. The journey begins here Page 1.

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