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saving the gorman hills - UCLA proposal

At the confluence of the Central Valley, the Mojave Desert and the Transverse and Coastal Mountain ranges lies the site of Gorman. The Hills of Gorman display the hallmarks of five geomorphic areas and contain plant life from four distinct floristic regions, possibly in combinations not found elsewhere. Sometimes compared to Yosemite for their amazing natural beauty, Gorman's hills explode in color when spring conditions are right.

With several natural communities that have been deemed "rare and worthy of consideration" by the California Natural Diversity Database, this region is listed by Conservation International as a Biodiversity Hotspot threatened with development.

In the Fall of 2005, students of UCLA's Extension Landscape Architecture Program under the guide of their instructor Michael O'Brien, ASLA, conducted an intensive 10 week long environmental study documenting the feasibilities and reasoning for preserving 2800 acres as a protected wildflower park and habitat sanctuary. Their proposal was presented to the communities adjacent to the site and now plans are being made to organize the project.

There are many obstacles to creating a wildflower preserve. Cost is chief among them. Having several properties divided among numerous parties who's intent is to develop makes negotiations difficult.

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Gorman Wildflower Preserve