gallery six

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desert wildflowers, mystic landscape, mountains of yellow wildflowers speckled with brilliant sunbeams and cloud shadow
mystic mountains

vibrant orange california poppies in the mohave desert with cattle fence and tehachapi mountains
one point perspective  

spread of wildflowers pouring over the hills and onto the antelope valley floor, flying dream - desert wildflowers
globe gilia/poppy  

coreopsis and poppies paint sierra nevada foothill in mohave desert bright yellow and orange, joshua trees mixed in
lone joshua trees

brown bull in a sea of california poppies, desert landscape photo
contemplating bull  

shimmering orange poppies and yellow coreopsis simulate fire on a ridge of oak trees
oak trees/fire ridge  

yellow and orange geometrical shapes of wildflowers, indian paintbrush, poppies, coreopsis, and gilia - desert wildflowers

blue hills of lupines and phacelia with valley floor of colorful desert wildflowers under soft lighting
blue hills/valley  

dark blue polarized sky constrasts with bright colors of adonis lupines, california poppies, desert tidy tips, desert dandelions, coreopsis, bentham lupines, phacelia and gilia
carpets gorman 1  

boulder, heliotropes, purplemats in joshua tree national park

blue sky with bright hills painted with desert wildflowers, tidy tips, gilias, desert dandelions, coreopsis, lupines, phacelia
carpets gorman 2  

high desert ravine full of desert wildflowers, lupines, california poppies, tidy tips, coreopsis

desert wildflower photography gallery