gallery five

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magical setting of boulders with carpets of poppies, goldfields and globe gilia - desert wildflowers

geological feature of hillside folding inward with golden gilia - desert wildflowers
yellow grotto  

abstract layered landscape of desert mountain side covered in california poppies, coreopsis and globe gilia, ancient sea bed
layered 3  

pitching waves of colorful wildflowers, rarely photographed jewel flower - desert wildflowers
pitching waves/color

intense wildflowers of the lower Sierra Nevada, pastel carpets of owls clover, goldfields and birds eye gilia, landscape photography
carpets/sierra nevada  

desert wildflower photo of glowing magenta, orange and yellow flowers on hillside

desert wildflowers landscape, lava flow of california poppies, grazing cattle, texture, details, landscape photography
lava poppies/cattle

hills of white evening snow wildflowers and running spring full of watercress, desert wildflower landscape photo
evening snow/spring  

two hills ablaze with carpets of orange and yellow desert wildflowers, poppies, coreopsis, landscape photograph
two hills on fire  

mountainside of wildflowers, lavender, yellow, orange and blue desert landscape photo
melting crayons2

desert landscape wildflower photo of vivid yellows, blues, orange, lavender and white painted hills
van gogh  

desert candle closeup, magenta, yellow-green wildflower of mohave desert
desert candle/closeup  

desert wildflower photography gallery