gallery four

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orange, blue wildflower photo of california poppies and lacy phacelia growing on layers of ancient alluvial layers lifted by san andreas faultline
layered 2

flower photo of california poppies and adonis lupine in high desert, fine art landscape

low angle sunlit flower photo of descending hill of powder blue globe gilia, desert wildflower landscape
hillside of globe gilia  

desert wildflower landscape photograph of yellow, orange, white and green mountain side resembling monet painting
monet mountain

vivid yellow, blue and orange flower photo of coreopsis, lupines and poppies - desert wildflowers

folded hillside of california poppies and globe gilia fine art desert wildflower landscape
folded hill of poppies/gilia  

polarized landscape photo of people walking and picnicing on hillsides full of california poppies, orange, yellow and blue desert wildflowers photo
picnic in the poppies

lupines of the desert and painted hills of tehachapi foothills
lupines/painted hills  

dusk's light on cathedral of rocks surrounded by magenta and white flowers, wildflower landscape photo
rock cathedral at dusk  

hidden canyon of wildflowers, california poppies, globe gilia, coreopsis, fiddlenecks, desert dandelion and desert tidy tips
hidden canyon

thistle sage, lavender colored flowers of the desert
thistle sage  

surreal landscape photo, painted hills of poppies, lupines, phacelia, gilia and coreopsis - desert wildflowers
dreams may come  

desert wildflower photography gallery