gallery three

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layers of ancient alluvial deposits blanketed with california poppies, gilia and coreopsis - desert wildflowers
layered 1

painter painting the scene of wildflowers on the mountainside, california poppies, coreopsis, orange and yellow landscape photo
the painter  

carpet blooms of wildflowers on pyramid shaped hill, poppies, coreopsis, lupines and phacelia - desert landscape photo
pyramid of wildflowers  

desert flower photo of joshua trees with orange horizon of california poppies
joshua trees/orange

nature photograph of hidden valley of wildflowers, orange, blue and yellow desert wildflower landscape
valley of wildflowers  

night flash of evening snow wildflowers, resembling sea floor covered with anemones, stark white and black contrast desert landscape photo
night voyage  

landscape photo of three cows in field of poppies with mountains in background - desert wildflowers
three cows/poppies

wall of bentham lupines on steep hillside, wildflower photo fine art desert wildflowers landscape
bentham lupines  

magenta hillside of owls clover with popcorn flowers and pygmy lupines desert flower landscape photo
owls clover hill  

vivid desert wildflower photo of adonis lupine, lacy phacelia, bentham lupine and poppies
adonis lupine/phacelia

desert wildflower photo of evening snow with hillcrest of poppies, orange and white landscape
evening snow/poppies  

indigo sky with carpet bloom of yellow, blue and orange wildflowers on hills of gorman, ca. fine art landscape
illumination 2  

desert wildflower photography gallery