gallery two

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california wildflower landscape, flower photo of magenta owls clover, and yellow  monolopia

california poppies and a sea of orange with tire tracks from rancher truck - desert wildflowers
road less traveled  

desert wildflowers - landscape photo of coreopsis, clouds, sky, mountains, bright yellow wildflowers

lifting morning fog, verbena, golden dried grass with pink sunlit mountains - desert wildflowers
lifting fog/verbena

blinding bigelow coreopsis, sea of yellow with mix of lupines, phacelia, gilia and poppies wildflower landscape
illumination 1  

low angle sunlit mountains with pools of poppies wildflower photo - desert wildflowers
pools of poppies  

horizontal layered mozaic wildflower photo of chinese houses, owls clover, lupines and poppies, fine art - desert wildflowers

night blooming phlox, snow drifts of white, pink sunset, scent of jasmine, desert wildflower photo
evening snow/sunset  

adonis lupines, poppies and cirrus clouds - desert wildflower photo landscape

desert flower photo of sand dune covered with pink sand verbena and white dune evening primrose
desert primrose

surreal landscape of desert sunflower with lifting morning fog in anza borrego park - desert wildflowers

early morning desert sunlight on paper daisy, verbena and sunflower in anza borrego park
anza borrego light  

desert wildflower photography gallery