thirty seconds at dusk

gorman hills 2003
Fuji GX617 panorama camera - Linanthus Dichotomus or Evening Snow is a night blooming phlox that opens only after sundown. Kawaiisu Indians believed these flowers were the spirits of people too lazy to get up in the morning. Thus the nickname "Little Sleepy Ones".

This image required the long exposure of thirty seconds with the fading daylight to capture on Fuji Provia. Very rare to catch thirty seconds exposure without any winds to blur the flowers. Bentham Lupines and Lacy Phacelia paint the background with muted blues while vibrant red-orange California Poppies light fire to the drifts of white Evening Snow. Coreopsis tints the landscape with gold.

night blooming canyon of white, orange and blue desert wildflowers, landscape panorama
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white, orange and blue wildflowers landscape panorama