carpets of the sierra nevada


kernville ca 2003

Near the southern range of the Sierra Nevada at around 3000 feet elevation I wandered upon this surreal scenery. A solid profusion of owls clover, goldfields and birds eye gilia created this psychedelic persian carpet. A recent rain 5 days before contributed to the intensity and fullness of this bloom of pastels, the entire landscape looked to be from another planet.

Typical of the desert wildflowers this scene only lasted for 1 week before the searing spring sun had withered the colors into browns. The mountain in the background is Baker Point at 7753 feet.

Canon T-90, canon50mm1.2L/ polarizer, velvia

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intense wildflowers of the lower Sierra Nevada, pastel carpets of owls clover, goldfields and birds eye gilia, landscape photography
wildflowers, owls clover, birds eye gilia, goldfields