illumination 1


gorman ca 2003

This truly is what the slide looks like. Using a polarizer filter to deepen the already clear mountain sky and saturate colors is a time honored technique used by many B+W landscapist such as Ansel Adams. The polarizer filter technically doesn't enhance colors but by removing shiny hot spots or solar reflections this allows true color saturations to be visible minus the glare our eyes normally see.

The reflective illumination off the Bigelow Coreopsis was blinding to both me and my light meter. A mix of Lupines, Phacelia, Gilia and California Poppies float in a sea of yellow Coreopsis. Shot at noon, not my favorite time of day but the effect turned out nice here.

Canon T-90, canon 50mm1.4/ polarizer, velvia

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blinding bigelow coreopsis, sea of yellow with mix of lupines, phacelia, gilia and poppies wildflower landscape
landscape photography, yellow, blue, orange wildflowers