death valley and panamint range


death valley national park 2005

A snow capped mountain range along side a salty lake 10 miles in length are not what one expects of Death Valley, the hottest place on earth. Telescope Peak rises 11,049 ft while the valley floor drops 282 ft below sea level.

Spring of 2005 was anything but normal. Miles of valley floor were covered with a yellow fuzz of desert sunflowers, seasoned park rangers were in awe with disbelief. Wildflowers thought to be extinct were discovered after decades in soil that reaches 190 degrees.

The white spot at the base of the mountain marks a salt bloom. A spring saturated with salts dries, coating the hillside for a few weeks before dissapearing with winds and heat.

Canon T-90, bogen tele-lens mount, cannon 80-200L/polarizer, f-32, velvia

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landscape photo of panamint range of death valley with yellow sunflowers
death valley and telescope peak, with yellow sunflowers